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সেমিনার অ্যান্ড ওয়ার্কশপ

To update the latest  knowledge & concept of insurance, BIA regularly arranges seminar/workshop on modern issues of  insurance. Following are some of the seminar/workshops organized by Bangladesh Insurance  Academy.

  • Insurance  Awareness  and  Education (Problem  and  Prospects)
  • Operational  Aspects  of  Islamic  Insurance   and  Reinsurance
  • Concept  and  Application  of  Total  Quality  Management
  • In depth  Risk Surveying
  • Application  of  IT  in  the  Insurance  Industry  of  Bangladesh
  • Agency  Development  and  Policy Lapsation
  • Ethical  Practice
  • Catastrophic    Risk  Mitigation  through Insurance  and  Reinsurance
  • Agriculture  insurance:  Experience  in  developed  Country
  • Health  Insurance: Perspective  Problem  &  Prospects
  • Insurance for  the  Micro-credit
  • Bank  Assurance  Policy
  • Sales Management : Etiquette and Grooming of  Salesman.
  • Risk  Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Solvency Regulation for Insurance Companies-the context of Bangladesh